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TORO GARLAND Inc. consolidates itself as a Design/Artisan House; forever captivated by selecting an array of materials that determine form and function; thus, defining commercial applications for the conceived designs. Its commercial assignments include commissions for The Umbrella Shop, Alistair Eagle Photography, Ursula Medley Decorative Arts Studio, Marimba Trading Co., in Vancouver. In the Okanagan, clients have included the Penticton Herald Newspaper, Okanagan Summer School of the Arts, Canada Day Celebration Society, Penticton Indian Band, Penticton & Area Women’s Centre, and En’Owkin International Indigenous School of the Arts.
Fashions and jewelry lines have been sold and displayed in boutiques and galleries throughout B.C. and include, Dream Futon in Vancouver, Mascot Mines Tourist Info. Centre, Hedley Heritage Museum, Winking Peddler, Lendale Pine Furniture, and Lorianne’s Exclusives.
TORO GARLAND’s work has also been featured in numerous publications across Canada and comprises WIRED Magazine, La Vie en Rose, Cinema Canada, Indian Country Today, and as of late in Mewsings’ – a charitable project for AlleyCATS Alliance Society, Theytus Books Publishing House, Making a Change Canada 2018’s Calendar. While pictorial undertakings have been exhibited at the Art Gallery of the South Okanagan, Kelowna Art Gallery, Simon Patrick Galleries in Vancouver, and currently at, MONDO CREATIONS IN PENTICTON.
Marcela is the sole Owner/Operator; a Canadian Visual Artist/Designer of South American Indigenous Ancestry. As such, she takes inspiration from both North and South American motifs. Her pictorial representations containing an aesthetic rooted in a tradition of indigenous design and workmanship.

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