Thurnderbird“In the beginning, stars and astral bodies performed a cosmic dance in space immemorial…
…Some of the formations emerging resembled large mythical beings. One of them, district in its appearance, resembled a white phoenix or what the people came to recognize as Thunderbird. Thunderbird was a colossal creature composed of minuscule stellar matter and it traveled and swayed through the infinite skies leaving debris of broken stars in its path, destroying and crashing due to the immensity of its size. But, as Thunderbird flaunted its wings and destroyed, it also created. Particles of matter drawn together by gravity when close enough to each other, gave birth to new solids. In this manner, a blue planet situated in a precise location in space emerged. A planet that was to remain close enough to the sun as to receive its warmth – but not too close; and far enough from the moon that affects the movement of its waters – but not too far.” by Marcela A. Toro Garland (c)2016



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